Scholarships are gifts. They don't need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations.

WSU Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students

  • Dlugosh-McKee LGBTQ+ Center Scholarship - The LGBTQ+ Center partners with the Washington State University Scholarship Office to award scholarships to students who are active in, and in support of LGBTQ+ Center programs, mission, and vision for creating a more inclusive and supportive campus climate for LGBTQ+ student leaders. The application is available here
  • Joe Davis LGBTQ+ Student Success Scholarship - Joe Davis graduated from WSU in 2010 with B.A. in Organizational Development and a minor in Business Administration. He’s worked over a decade in the tech industry, with most of those years at Google. Returning on a visit to Pullman years later, Joe was struck by the increased representation and resources available for the LGBTQ+ community. Extending these efforts to the Carson College of Business, he wanted to provide additional scholarship support. The application is available here

Additional Scholarships

  • Point Foundation LGBTQ Student Scholarship - Through the annual program, the foundation will provide financial assistance and programmatic support to LGBTQ students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate programs for the 2016-17 academic year. Point’s scholarship support can be used to address any number of challenges students face, including college tuition and fees, which continue to rise faster than both inflation and average wages.
  • Scholarships for LGBT Students - This database is provided by
  • Distinguished Scholarships - The Distinguished Scholarships Program is more than happy to help when you are completing these applications! You can contact April Seehafer at 509-335-8239.

Scholarships for everyone

WSU offers 700+ scholarship programs; a single scholarship application allows you to be considered for all of them. We offer scholarships for every type of student: