There are essentially two types of name changes. First, the use of a “chosen name" or "nickname” where a student, staff, or faculty member utilizes the built-in features to input their chosen name into "nickname" or "chosen" name fields. The second name change is an "official" name change. Below are instructions for both.

Chosen Name Changes

There are three steps required to update your chosen name in our WSU systems. Two are in and the last step requires a phone call to the ITS Help Desk to change your network ID/email. If you have questions, please contact the LGBTQ+ Center Student Life and Community Coordinator, Josie Cohen-Rodriguez.

Step 1 (Update “Profile Name” and Pronouns)

Log into, on the Homepage, select Profile, select the “Personal Details” tab, select “Add Name”. The type will be automatically set to "Preferred." Optional: Select the “Biographic” tab to select pronouns. 

Step 2 (Update “Display Name”)

Log in to and select the compass icon (usually top right corner), select "Main Menu" --> "WSU" --> "Change Nickname". Enter your chosen name and submit. 

Step 3 (Change Network ID and WSU Email)

The final step requires that you contact Information Technology Services and request a change of your Network ID (NID) / e-mail address.  The request can be submitted to the ITS Help Desk by phone at 335-HELP (4357). This may impact your ability to log into WSU systems for about 24 hrs.

Legal Name Changes

Legal name changes are handled through Payroll Services. More information is available on Payroll Services website.